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Evi and Fedra have opened their e-shop during the quarantine and their products have reached New York and the United Arab Emirates

And what can you do during a quarantine like the one we experienced when everything around you is uncertain? Start your project. That's what Evi and Fedra thought, too. They opened their e-shop with collections of handmade items, decorative and functional. So the two founders explain that their products have reached New York and the Arab Emirates.
They talked to It's Possible about how they met, how they came up with the idea for their online store, and what kind of budget it takes to start something like this.

How did the two founders meet, and how did the idea for your e-store come about?
Evi: We met in 2014 at a theater performance at "Neos Kosmos" Theater, where I was an assistant director, and Phaedra was a set designer and photographer. Our love for art brought us together immediately, as I have studied Cultural Management at Panteion University and Phaedra has a Master of Fine Arts in Athens.
Fedra: The idea for our collaboration was very early on, as each of us could take on our area. Evi the part of management and customer service. Most importantly, we both felt the need to create something of ourselves. Finally, the right moment came in the Fall of 2020, during the quarantine, when I started with the first designs, and in December, we had our first products available. 

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What can someone find in your online store at this moment?
Fedra: Our online store is an art store with collections of handmade objects, decorative and functional. We aim to stimulate the imagination and encourage everyone to embrace their uniqueness. Some permanent collections are regularly updated, including wall clocks, art prints, office accessories, etc.
During the Christmas season, we also have a wide range of handmade creations with unique character that represents our values and conveys the warm atmosphere of Christmas combined with the memories of our childhood.

How easy or difficult is it to start such a project? For example, do you need space offices or other facilities and technical equipment, and what is the initialized budget required?

Evi: Hard question! It is more challenging than you can think at first, no matter how much you have prepared. Unfortunately, the country we live in makes some steps even more difficult for no reason. It takes excellent information, patience, passion, and love for what you do!
It requires perseverance and the ability to find timely solutions to problems that arise. As for the financial part, you need a starting budget of about 5.000 to 8.000 euros for basic things like a computer, camera, website, product inventory, packaging, headquarters with fixed costs, cash register, and so on.

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What locations have you reached with your products?
Evi: We are happy that the products of our Helium project have reached New York to the United Arab Emirates!
What are the next steps you guys are planning from now on?
Fedra: First of all, we want to stay creative and maintain the level and quality of our products, which sounds simple but is not easy in an unstable economy. Next, we are planning new collaborations with places in Greece and abroad.

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