Our Christmas Campaign For Straycare.gr

Our Christmas Campaign For Straycare.gr

As Helium Project every Christmas we decide to support our beloved animal welfare association Straycare.gr, which provides homes, medical care, and love to strays in need! You can learn more about them here. This year we would like to raise money to cover the cost for two months of beautiful Dido, who needs special food and medication for her liver, a total of 250.

white stray dog

How can you participate in our campaign?
Pick any handmade Christmas wooden ball from our collection here, use the coupon #straycare to get 5% off, and we will donate 5 to Dido for EACH ornament you buy! 

wooden ornament with santa claus

You will receive your purchases in a beautiful gift box!

We are sure we have nothing but the best to offer our Dido!
Remember, every little bit counts.

christmas gifts

How can you help save animals?

Raise awareness in the community.

Talking to people in the community can bring changes that will dramatically improve the welfare of these animals.

Spay and neuter your own pets.

Spaying and neutering help control the population of strays in the community.

Adopt don't shop.

There are a lot of pets in shelters today that are eager to find their forever homes. Adopting helps improve their lives and allows volunteers to accommodate more pets that need their help. 

Volunteer with dog

Become a Sponsor.

Caring for so many animals is resource-intensive. You can help by directly donating funds to the shelter as a sponsor. Another way is to organize fundraiser events like fun runs or bazaars. 


Volunteering in rescue centers is a proactive way to make a huge impact on the animals. Even just a couple of hours every week can make a huge difference.

volunteer with stray dog

Donate to Help Homeless Pets.

Donating funds and supplies to animal shelters is also one of the best things you can do for animals in the shelter. Old blankets, toys, and other supplies can greatly help the shelters to save what limited resources they have.

Foster homeless animals.

Fostering is an effective way to help homeless pets in shelters. By fostering, you help rehabilitate pets and teach them how to live with humans. Elderly and special needs pets need more intensive care due to their condition. 

There are many ways to show your love to the little cuties, and their happy faces and grateful eyes will be worth every effort you put in!

Thank you in advance for your help to raise money for Dido!

white stray dog smiling

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