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Time travel with us- The story behind our new collection

Our new collection is on the air!

The "Time Travelling" collection includes wall clocks, pen holders, phone stands, notebooks, wooden coasters, and keepsake boxes with unique artwork by Fedra (Fedra Charda, our brand's exclusive artist). Each piece was made with the utmost care and love to inspire you daily!

We are so excited and impatient for this collection; the reason is simple. These creations carry a lot of ourselves in them.

woman holding wooden retro vintage handpainted wall clock with old photograph of couple sharing drink

The inspiration for this collection is old photos from all over the world, stamps, letters, and the beautiful nostalgic feeling of experiencing fascinating stories from the past. Each photograph tells a story. Each one is a time portal. We love time travel stories, do not you? Each old photo takes us to another time and place. There is history in these pictures. Forget about wishing for a time machine; you already have one. It's an old photo.

Fedra and I share the same passion for hearing old stories from people who lived in past decades! It's like opening a window into the past and having the opportunity to experience time in different places and years than if you spend your whole life just knowing what your time will bring.

We hope that when you own a piece of art from this collection, you will experience nostalgic moments and feelings. Εven if it is
a pencil holder or a phone stand on your desk, a dreamy vintage-style wall clock decorating your office or home, or writing daily in these hand-painted notebooks. Our goal is to awaken your imagination to create magical accommodations and keep them in your heart.

We can not wait for your feedback, your best sellers, and photos of our new artwork around your beautiful places!

We invite you to become part of our stories!
Explore the "Time Traveling" collection here.

See you again,
with much love and appreciation,
Fedra and Evi.



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