Our Story

Fedra Charda, inspirer and co-founder of the Greek brand Helium Project, which in the last two years has rightfully earned a place on the map of style in craft stores, has introduced a unique way of decorating.

She holds a BA in Fine Arts from the Athens School of Fine Arts and an MFA. She also loves music, vinyl, poetry, nature, and photography. She is a mixed-media artist whose personal work blurs the lines between painting, photography, and writing.

Art is a way to escape into another reality. Fedra wants to achieve that with the Helium Project: to help people open up to a new world of ideas, stimulate their imagination, and ultimately enable them to change their perspective in their daily lives.

Her friendship with Helium Project`s co-founder Evi Nikolovgeni was, in fact, the very first step in this entrepreneurial endeavor. The Helium Project was a joint decision of COVID-19. They created the brand with savings from other jobs and sacrificed what it took to make this dream come true.

Evi holds a BA from Panteion University, where she studied Communications, Media, and Culture, and a degree in Acting. She is also an avid socialite and believes that contacting new people and learning about their dreams, aspirations, and values is a life-changing experience. By honoring the differences between people, she hopes to offer each of us authentic and high-quality products set against mass-produced products through the Helium Project.

Thank you for taking the time to know us better.
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Enjoy your ride and always look for the sun.