Welcome to Helium Project !

We are really happy to answer any question you may have at heliumprojectgr@gmail.com.

Also, we have some basic questions anwered for you below :

- Are you interested for wholesale partnership ?

Yes, of course. We already collaborate with some stores and we are excited for new collaborations, within or outside Greece, too.

- Do you make special discounts for bulk orders ?

Every situation is diferrent so please contact us to discuss further about it at heliumprojectgr@gmail.com

- All posters are in 30x40 dimension. Do you print in custom dimensions?

Yes. But notice that charges vary depending to the size. Feel free to contact us to discuss about your specific needs.

-Do you accept cancelations and returns ?

Yes of course, you can read more at "Shipping and Returns" to the bottom of our eshop.