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New Year's Lucky Charm 2023

New Year's Lucky Charm 2023

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In modern Greek the word gouri has two meanings: good luck and good luck charm. Gouria, the plural, are traditionally Greek New Year’s gift. This is why the gouri is a symbolic gift exchanged between family members, friends, or business associates, wishing the recipient good luck in the New Year. 

Gouria are centered around certain charms that have come to represent the New Year. The most popular charms are:

The Pomegranate symbol of fertility and abundance. The custom of breaking pomegranates inside of a new home for good luck dates back to ancient Greece. Today, many people break a pomegranate to start the year off on a positive note.

The Evil Eye – The «mati» is another popular symbol. Many Greeks believe that by wearing or displaying a mati, which comes in the form of blue eye charms or blue beads, bad intentions can be reflected away.

The Coin is another symbolic piece of luck.  One of the classic Greek traditions is baking a small coin inside of a vasilopita, a cake made and cut for the New Year. The person who receives the piece with the coin inside is said to have luck for the year.

The Boat – In Greece, a country with a rich maritime history and culture, the boat has come to symbolize many positive things in life including hope and good travels.

This handmade gouri is a combination of 3 of them and gives extra value to your gift because it's an authentic piece of art made with absolute care and love! 


Matt varnish for protection


Height: 30 cm
Length: 8 cm

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