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The Stranger - Olive Wall Clock

The Stranger - Olive Wall Clock

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"The Stranger"

Everyone of us consists of so many different memories and experiences, that make us so unique and special, and yet so alike with one another. The main subject of this handcrafted clock is a man of an old photograph but as a motive to realise how beatiful and interesting we are all within.

This clock is made to boost the self-esteem and self confidence of the owner and become an inspiration for great things or be the celebration of great achievements till that moment.

It`s an authentic piece of art made entirely of wood and is handpainted with mixed patterns and old photographs. A UNIQUE decorative, retro styled, round clock, part of our "TIme Traveling" COllection of '22-'23.

  • Each clock is hand-painted and one-of-a-kind.
  • The clock is battery operated using one AA battery. (Not Supplied)


Matt varnish for protection


30 cm

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