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Ocean Travel - Yellow Ochre & Blue Wall Clock

Ocean Travel - Yellow Ochre & Blue Wall Clock

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 This clock will capture your imagination and inspire you anywhere in your home or office!

It is an original work of art made of wood and hand-painted with mixed patterns. A unique decorative retro style clock, part of our "Time Traveling" collection '22-'23.

A photograph is a frozen fragment of time. The photo is from 1950, on a ship deck where you can observe the clothes, and the style, from a few decades earlier.
When we look at old photos, we have that warm feeling of nostalgia. We celebrate the good old days hoping in our hearts for the best things to come.

  • Each clock is hand-painted and unique
  • The clock is battery operated and runs on one AA battery. (Not included)  

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Matt varnish for protection


30 cm

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