Deep Red Wooden Pencil Holder

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Handpainted Wooden Pencil Holder

This beautiful pencil holder helps you being organized and gives a special addition to your desk, keeping you productive wherever you work.

It is part of our "Time Traveling" Collection of '22-'23 which is inspired by old photographs, stamps, letters and the beautiful nostalgic feeling of learning interesting stories from the past. Each photograph tells a story. Each one is a time portal. We love time travel plots in stories, don’t you? Every old photo takes us into a different time and place. There’s history in those pictures. Forget wishing for a time machine, you have that already. It’s an old picture. 

It`s UNIQUE, elegant and perfect for brightening your office.

* Original Design by the artist Fedra Charda.

Handpainted one by one with care and love.

* Matt varnish for protection.

* Velvet paper at the bottom.

* Every item is individually handmade in our workshop in Athens, Greece. 

Height:  11 cm
Length:  7.5 cm
Width:   7.5 cm
Weight: 135gr

Wood, Acrylic Colors, Permanent Marker, Paper, Matt Varnish.


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