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New Year's Lucky Pomegranate Evil Eye

New Year's Lucky Pomegranate Evil Eye

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 Meet the Lucky Pomegranate, your new charm for good vibes! Shaped like a plump pomegranate, it's all about bringing luck your way. What makes it extra special? A cool, hand-painted Evil Eye right on it!

The pomegranate is like a good luck magnet – it's all about abundance and good stuff coming your way. Imagine that rich, deep red color symbolizing energy and life. And then, there's the Evil Eye, giving your charm a protective boost against bad vibes and envy.

Let it be your daily reminder that good things are headed your way, and the bad stuff? Well, it just bounces off this lucky charm. Embrace the luck, rock the charm, and let the good times roll!

 This hand-painted gouri is an authentic piece of art made with absolute care and love!  

  • There is a possibility of slight differences from the photo image as the products are handmade.


Matt varnish for protection


7.5 cm
Height: 8.5 cm

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